Recurring Cleaning

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Life is crazy – we understand. We all feel a low level of stress when we see that our home isn’t as tidy as it should be for our families.
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up to a clean, fresh space every morning and spend time loving your cuties instead of scrubbing a shower? We have the perfect solution for you: sign up for our recurring cleaning service, a worry-free, stress-free way to keep your home tidy and healthy.


Here’s what this service means
– We’ll send a manager to you for a free personal assessment to learn more about your needs.
– We will create a cleaning list tailored to your needs and budget.
– We will send an assigned team from 2 to 5 hours on a regular basis (depending on your needs).

IMPORTANT we strongly recommend the initial deep cleaning if your home has not been professionally cleaned in over a month. Otherwise, basic cleaning will not be enough to get your house really clean. You will be sad. And so will we.

No contract is necessary: you can unsubscribe at any time.


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